How to attempt a Mock CAT – Verbal Section


Start with an RC passage. Suppose there are 6 questions then give 12 minutes to that RC. Basically, the amount of time given to an RC passage is the number of questions multiplied by 2 minutes. So for a 3 Question passage, you will give 6 minutes.

Suppose you solved an RC having 6 questions and then the 2 TITA based questions. The RC will take 12 minutes and the other 2 questions will take 4 minutes. So in 16 minutes, you will be done with 8 questions.

Keep repeating this cycle, an RC passage, then the TITA based questions. Doing this you will be able to solve at least 28 questions. What I would recommend is leave 2-3 TITA questions, which are difficult and try and attempt almost all RC questions, because RC’s generally tend to give a better accuracy provided you work on your comprehension skills.

Now by following this strategy, you are giving yourself some spare time from those RC questions and your brain will get a break from those passages after every interval of 6 to 12 minutes.

Moreover, when it comes to question selection, for RC’s read the 1st paragraph and if you cannot comprehend it well, then there is a high possibility that you will not understand it, so it is better to leave such passages. Only if you have time left in the end then solve that passage. By doing this you will tend to avoid those complicated passages and it is better to realize the same once you are done with the first paragraph rather than after reading the whole passage. Since that will be a sheer waste of time then.

So there are 2 important aspects when solving the Verbal section, one is keeping a sense of time i.e. you should know where you are heading after every interval of 10-15 minutes and the second important aspect is question selection, which will eventually improve with practice.


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