How to attempt a mock CAT – Quant section


In the Quant section divide the 1 hour that you have, into 6 slots of 10 minutes. Start from question 1 and keep moving ahead. In every 10 minutes, keep a target in mind to solve at least 5 sums. However the more the better.

In this section, we need to focus on question selection. Now out of 34 questions in Quant there are at least 15 questions which can even be solved by a high school student easily, your aim for the 1st 30 minutes is to identify those 15 questions and solve them.

Just read the question and ask yourself, is the question a direct formula based one? If yes then solve it then and there (there will be at least 15 questions of such type). The remaining questions wherein you think you can solve them but it will consume more time, keep them for the next round i.e. for the last 30 minutes.

See by following this approach you will gain confidence, bearing the fact that 15 questions are sorted in the 1st half an hour, and hence will even be able to solve difficult questions. This approach is effective since you get to see each and every question and there is no chance of missing out an easy question which may be somewhere in the end.

Additionally, do not restrict yourself to attempt questions only from some particular set of topics. Always keep an open mind and attempt questions based on their difficulty level rather than based on the topic from which the question is asked.

Also, remember that the marks per question are the same and since you are solving the easier questions 1st, the chances of you committing mistakes tend to go down drastically.


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