Step 1 – Reading the Passage

  1. Read the passage as fast as you can, provided there is no loss of comprehension (Around 1-4 mins depending on the length of passage).
  2. After each paragraph that you read, give yourself 5 seconds and talk to yourself about what that paragraph is trying to convey (you can talk in your own mixed or vernacular language).
  3. Repeat the process for all the paragraphs.

Step 2 – Reading the Question

  1. Read the 1st question and then give yourself 5 seconds to understand the question.
  2. Identify the keywords in the question and keep them in your mind.
  3. Do not even dare to look at the options – they will mislead you.

Step 3 – Searching for the Key Text

  1. Go back to the passage and find the key text that you identified in the question.
  2. Now read one sentence which precedes the key text and one sentence which follows it (It will help in understanding the context).
  3. Now give yourself 5 seconds and predict an answer ( Very Important Step……….), it will take some time to master it but predicting the answer before looking at the options is what will take you ahead of your peers in terms of accuracy.

Step 4 – Eliminating the Options

  1. Now is the time to go to the options and start eliminating them.
  2. Be really aggressive while eliminating the options.
  3. Never be biased for an option or chose an answer without reading all the options given.




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