How to attempt a Mock CAT – DI-LR Section


In DI-LR section whenever you see a set, before looking at the paragraph given look at the questions, if the questions are not of direct type i.e. if the question requires you to form cases or possibilities then do not solve that set in the 1st Round.

If the questions are of direct type, e.g. what is the color of Ram’s shirt? then read the paragraph of that set and once you are done reading, decide whether to attempt it or not. Suppose you decide to attempt then after a maximum of 5 minutes , you should know if you are going in the right direction. If even after spending 5 minutes, you are not sure whether you will be able to crack that set or not, then leave it and move on to the next set.

See one thing that you need to realize is that never get so much engrossed in a set that you forget to keep a sense of time. Moreover, do not just get scared looking at the length of the questions. Just get an overview of what a particular set deals with, then decide to go for it or not.

Now out of 8 sets in this section, 4 of them will be of medium difficulty, you will have to find those and solve them. Solve these 4 sets within 30-35 minutes. Then once you know that you have attempted 16 questions successfully, your brain will be a bit composed and even the tough sets which are left now can be solved in a relaxed manner without much of stress.

Furthermore, it is not absolutely necessary to solve each and every question of a set. In many cases especially in DI, there will be a question somewhere in between which are extremely tough. Beware of such questions, these are purposely put in place to derail your momentum.

So 2 important things to remember, keeping a sense of time and judicious selection of questions. These 2 aspects will help you ace up from a 97 percentile to a 99.xx percentile.


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